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By Consumer Team | 28 Jan. 2018

5 Google Maps Tricks that Will Make Travel Easy

When you travel, you need a reliable map. Nowadays, Google Maps is the most popular navigation app people use when traveling. The updated routes, detailed maps, and other useful features simplify the travelling process. But are you really getting the most out of the app? Find some of our favorite app features that are especially great for travelers.

1. Add Multiple Stops on a Journey


Every journey commences from point A and ends at point B. it will be nice to have the journey planned for the day at once with the necessary stops on the way. All you need is to get the direction between the two central locations. You will then choose the Add Stop icon on the right side of the application. You can add many other stops according to your liking. The route will map itself on the app with a letter for each stop. If you need to change the order, you can do it at free will.

2. Download Maps to Use Offline


To use Google maps, you don’t need the internet. This is a bonus in a world where roaming data can be very expensive. Google lets you download the app ahead of time for use when traveling. While navigating, you can even keep your phone on flight mode. Since this app can be large, you can use WiFi to download. There are plenty of driving directions with the application as well as finding the landmarks and addresses whenever you search.

3. Timeline


The timeline feature on this application helps you find all the places you have traveled as well as the routes you have used in the past. While it is private, only you can view your timeline. If you can’t remember the name of the last restaurant you visited last, the application has a good memory if you went with your phone to that location. Click the menu icon on the website application to choose your timeline. You will see a map wherever you went on a daily basis. If you took photos at that location, they would show up.

4. Build Your Private Maps with Descriptions and Landmarks


Most people are not acquainted with the use of the Google custom map maker. This is one of the best ways you can use to the visual itinerary for yourself. In this case, you can use the, to prove to others where you went. Because these charts can be shared whenever the need arises, it is an easy-to-use tool. While you cannot use the conventional app to create these locations, there are a couple of tricks you need know to make it available on your phone.

5. Traffic Reporter


If you are using the application when driving, there are many reasons why you don’t need to swipe on the phone while you are driving. This is because of the strict driving laws. Fortunately, there are many voice commands in the application that can help you do everything from finding a gas station to avoiding tolls and getting traffic or ETA report. You can tap the microphone icon bar to use the voice commands when driving.