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By Lifestyle Team | 05 July 2021

6 Best Ways to Clean Up a Computer's Hard Drive

Best ways to clean up a hard drive (LEGO) Blickpixel

Hard Drive Clean Up Feature

There is a feature on your computer that allows you to clean up hard drive space. This is going to take care of those temporary files and other clutter that is typically in a space on your hard drive that you are unaware of. This allows you to do a sweep of your hard drive and get rid of these temporary files that tend to be part of your cache when you are utilizing a browser.

You may be utilizing multiple browsers, and it may be difficult for you to size up where all of these temporary files are being stored. When you have access to one of these file cleaner features you discover how to clean up a hard drive quickly.

Open Your Download Folder

Cleaning up the hard drive on a computer is a tedious task, but there are ways to expedite it. One of the quickest ways to start deleting files that are no longer needed is to simply open up your download folder. You will discover that there are a number of files that you may have initially downloaded that are no longer needed anymore. There may be downloads for updates that you have installed. There may be trial software that was downloaded that is no longer being used on your computer. These can be some of the most space consuming files that are not even necessary. Many old forgotten files lurk in the download folder.

Get Duplicate File Finder Software

Another area where you consume a lot of space with files is with the files that may be on your computer multiple times. You may have multiple copies of the same music or movies, but you may not realize it. This can be something that takes up a lot of space on your computer. When you know how to get a duplicate file remover you can clean your hard drive much easier. You may be shopping to get a big hard drive when you do not really need one. It’s possible that you may just need to clean up the hard drive that you have. The duplicate file remover program can help you if want to know how to clean up a hard drive.

Download File Size Software

You also need to get software that shows you where the largest files are. There may be some files that you could delete to clean up your hard drive and make it run faster, but you may not know where these big files are. When you have a file size software program you get an indication of where certain files are. When you know where the files are you have a better chance of cleaning your system quicker. You do not have to waste your time individually going through every folder in search of files. When you get a file locater that tells you the size of the files you can delete unnecessary files quicker.

Delete Files From Recycle Bin

It is very common for people to assume that the files are gone once they press the delete button. In most cases all this does is place these files in the recycle bin. There could be gigs of files that are stuck in the recycle bin just because you have not considered cleaning these files. It is a good idea to take a look at the files that are still residing in your recycle bin. Do an overview and see if any of these are files that you need to restore. If there are no files to restore you should delete the files from the recycle bin. There is no need in wasting hard drive space on files that are not being used.

Check Out All Of The Installed Programs

Every PC user needs to do a periodical check of the installed programs when they are trying to clean up the hard drive. There may be programs that are not even being used anymore. This is just taking up space on your computer. Go through the installed programs and uninstall anything that you have not used this year. There is no point in keeping software that is only slowing your computer down.