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By Education Team | 06 May 2019

7 Best Paid and Free Online English Courses

6 best paid and free english classes

Online English courses are the most convenient option for adults attempting to learn English. There are an array of options available, but which ones will suit your needs best? Below is a list of paid and free online English courses. Find the right option for you or for someone you know who could use some extra help learning English.

Best Free Online English Courses

USA Learns

Cambridge Assessment English

Cambridge Assessment English provides English language content and exams to demonstrate your ability with the language. Their global language learning network is active in over 130 countries, 27 offices, over 50,000 registered preparation centers, and 2,800 authorized examination centers. To get ready for your exam, you can study in-person at a preparation center or take advantage of their 85 free English courses online. Advanced lessons touch on complex, nuanced topics like “complaining politely and appropriately,” so even professionals who speak high-level English will find helpful new things to learn.

Learn English Online

Learn English Online is a UK-based non-profit to support both English language learners and teachers across the globe. Their website offers a massive range of digital learning resources to help learners with topics like vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, grammar, listening skills, and more. Learners can take advantage of activities, games, quizzes, and tests. Plus, the site goes above-and-beyond language lessons by including content that teaches learners about British culture, customs, and traditions. The best part of all? Many of the resources are 100% free!

Best Online English Courses with Free & Paid Options

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ABA (American & British Academy) English

ABA has two tiers – a free tier and a paid tier. Both the free and paid tiers include video classes, a level test to determine what your learning pace should be, a progress tool, and an interactive grammar tool. Only the premium tier includes teacher consultation, a certificate, and all video classes. ABA also has multi-device capabilities (learning via tablet or mobile). For students looking for value and attention, ABA is top-notch, and the progress tracker helps keep students motivated.


Busuu is a global language learning community with British English resources for how to learn English on both web and mobile platforms. Busuu’s platform is budget-friendly in that it has two different learning tiers: online English courses for free and Premium courses. Anyone can sign up for their free English courses online to get a feel for the platform and start learning English. The Premium membership will unlock advanced grammar and vocabulary lessons. Busuu’s language community of over 90 million members across the globe means English learners can get real-time feedback on their language skills from native English speakers in the U.K.

Best Paid Online English Courses

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EF English

Founded in 1996, EF English is one of the oldest digital English learning platforms. Plus, it’s online lessons and live teachers are available 24/7, so you can conveniently sync up your lessons with your schedule. EF English is split into 16 levels of lessons, all aligned with standards set by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). For each of the 16 levels you pass, you’ll earn a certificate that you can show to employers or schools to back up your English expertise.

London School Online

The London School offers a variety of English courses online, including the choice of Skype lessons. Their “General English Course Online” costs £185 for 6 months of unlimited access on any device at any time. For English learners interested in more individual attention, the London School offers Skype English Lessons. The Skype Lessons are offered at multiple ability levels (including topics like General English, Business English, or help with exam preparation) and cost £60 per hour with a minimum booking of 5 hours.