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By Lifestyle Team | 04 July 2021

7 Reasons Why You Should Skip Fabric Softener

fabric softener problems

The feeling of fresh, soft laundry is pure bliss, and fabric softeners are a big part of the softness that we feel. Be it because of rampant marketing, or just the efficiency that it provides, fabric softeners have become an incredibly big part of our laundry routines. There are, however, a number of downfalls to using this common product. Here are seven reasons why you should be wary of your fabric softener use.

1 - Harsh Chemicals

One of the biggest fabric softener dangers is the fact that they are full of chemicals that are not necessarily the best. Adding more chemicals to your clothes means that you are going to have more chemicals on your skin. These chemicals can also cause a number of related problems that can cause further complications in the body. Most fabric softeners tend to contain chemicals like benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol and ethanol, which can lead to a number of unwanted disorders.

2 - Health Problems

Fabric softeners can cause serious health problems. Because of the chemicals present, the body may not react to them in the best way. For example, things that contain benzyl acetate have been shown to increase the risk of pancreatic cancer and chemicals like benzyl alcohol can cause respiratory disorders.

3 - Strong Fragrances

Not everyone loves the same kind of smell, and sometimes, fabric softeners can contain smells that are rather overpowering. It is a common known fact that one can start to feel a little sick and nauseated as a result of being exposed to strong smells, and fabric softeners can lead to an increase in this feeling. If you are someone who can’t stand strong smells, skipping on the fabric softener is generally the way to go.

4 - Expensive

Good fabric softeners don’t exactly come cheap. A fabric softener is an additional product that you have to keep buying every time you are stocking up on your supplies, and while this may not seem like a significant amount with every purchase, it is something that can add up over time. When compared to dryer sheets, this can be a rather expensive option.

5 - Destroy Your Clothes

Because of the additional chemicals and the way they interact with fibers in clothing, fabric softeners can actually cause your clothing to wear out faster over time. This is most obvious in things like towels and sweaters, wherein the fabric will start to appear thinner and weaker over time. Towels, in particular, experience a drop in absorbency, which is something that would then cause you to have to change them up a lot more frequently.

6 - Damage to Your Washing Machine

One of the downsides to using fabric softeners is the kind of buildup that takes place over time. When you use a fabric softener for a prolonged period, a certain amount of buildup can be seen in the crevices of the washing machine. This is something that can clog up the pipes within the machine, making it harder to use.

7 – Clothing Becomes Less Flame and Water Resistant

Most kinds of children’s wear are designed to be flame resistant for safety purposes. However, when a certain amount of fabric softener is used, this fabric tends to wear out, causing the fabric to become less flame resistant. In any kind of safety gear or anything that needs to be flame resistant, the fabric softener dangers are more prevalent. This is also something that works in a similar manner when it comes to water resistant clothing. The manner in which fabric softeners work can lead to them becoming less water resistant, which defeats the purpose of that kind of clothing. Looking for alternatives to chemical fabric softeners? Try vinegar.