By Consumer Team | 17 Mar. 2022

9 home office accessories that will make your life easier

Home Office Accesories Photo by Ken Tomita from Pexels

Covid-19 has changed people’s routines around the world in a short amount of time, and most of the real-life has shifted to the online world. Students have lessons via Zoom, performances are streamed via YouTube, people buy veggies on the PC. But, most importantly, Covid-19 changed work life, especially for the ones that work in an office. Starting from March, millions of people had to learn the basic rules of working from home, and to do their daily tasks using their computer or the one their company provided.

Remote working does not mean putting a laptop on the kitchen table. The whole room has to be properly set: you need the right lighting, ergonomic chairs, desk organizers, a professional mouse pad, etc. If you are among the ones that are working from home, you’ll be asking yourself what you need to make your room more suitable. So here are 9 home office accessories that will make your working life easier.

Coccyx Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair

Usually, remote working means staying in the same position for many hours. You may not notice any risk, but sitting in the wrong way because of uncomfortable chairs may cause problems to the back and sciatica nerves. A profitable solution is to purchase some ergonomic features that can adapt to your kitchen chair, like this coccyx seat cushion and a lumbar support pillow set. These items are made of memory foam, so the pillows will always keep their form and won’t get flat, independently from how many hours you use them. Moreover, the pillow hardness will help you to maintain the right posture. The U-shape cushion has been designed for alleviating the pressure on the tailbone and relieving arthritis, leg pain, backaches, and more. The back cushion, instead, will provide support to all the regions of your back, from the upper to the lower part.

Metal Desk Monitor Stand Riser

When working at home, many people use their laptop or PC without any support structure, with the result that the screen is not in line with their eyes. This means that they stress their neck and their eyes more than they should. This problem can be solved using a simple stand riser, like the one produced by Simple Houseware. Besides elevating your laptop or the monitor of the PC, this structure allows you to tidy up your desk, thanks to its sliding drawer and side storage pockets. Size: 20.25x 11.5 x 5.8 inches.

LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

Lighting is the most important thing when working. You don’t want to lose your sight because of a 40 hours per week job! This LED lamp, by TaoTronics, is an interesting choice for remote workers, because it has 4 different lighting modes. Plus, each modality has 5 levels of brightness. Thanks to its rotating arm and base, which have a 140° and 180° rotation capability, you have all the flexibility you need for the best illumination. Even when lighting is not needed, this lamp will still be useful because of its 4 USB ports, which will allow you to charge all your electronic devices.

Wrist Rest Support for Mouse Pad & Keyboard Set

Working many hours at the PC is the main cause of arthritis, carpal tunnel and other diseases of the upper upper limbs. There is a very cheap solution to prevent them: using mouse and keyboard supports that will elevate your wrists, allowing you to assume the correct position while typing. The best choice is buying products made with memory foam, like the one proposed by MOSISO, because they provide support without losing their shape.

Why did we choose this product? Because it has a rubber bottom that will prevent the supports from sliding away, plus its shape is designed to make it even more stable.

PC Headsets with Boom Mic

People that are office workaholics and just started to work from home may have difficulties in concentrating. That’s why you need some products that both look cool and are functional, like a huge headset that will isolate you from the environment you are in. This product, made by OneOdio, is not just a scenographic piece: the ears pads are designed to provide maximum comfort even when you wear them all day long. Moreover, ear pads can rotate 90° to adjust to the movement of your head. The headset is integrated with an omnidirectional boom mic, which deletes disturbs like environment sound and better captures your voice. Not only PC: since this headset comes with many cable adapters, you can use it for your smartphone, PS4, Xbox One, and even musical instruments!

Desktop Organizer

Some people that work from home do it in a really messy environment. Forget it: it’s proved that a messy room would not help concentration, so you need to tidy up your desk before beginning. Desktop organizers are a cheap and quick solution, and with this product made by Jerry & Maggie you won’t fail. This desktop organizer is made of two separate parts, so you can arrange them as you like to make your desk spacious and comfortable. The product, made of natural wood and painted with nontoxic colors, provides your workstation elegance too. Size: 16x15.8x6.8 inches, weight: 5lb.

Foot Rest Under Desk

Sitting in the right position is not only about the chair: according to office safety laws, to protect your back, you should place something under your feet, so that they are 20 cm off the ground. The choice should fall on an ergonomic cushion, like the one produced by Basic Concepts. This product, made of quality foam, eases foot, and low back stress by improving posture and circulation. The footrest cushion is provided with non-slip grips on the flat side, which will keep the product in place, plus the item has got a cover you can wash in the machine. Size: 18 x 12 x 4 inches.

Cell Phone Stand

When working, you may need to keep your smartphone close. Putting it near your PC, anyway, may be uncomfortable because you always have to pick it up every time you receive a notification. With a Lamicall cellphone stand you should be able to solve your problems. This item can hold all 4-8 inches smartphones, plus it is designed to host a cable, which means you can charge in the meantime. The cellphone stand, made of high-quality aluminum alloy, has got a 45° inclination, the perfect angle to watch videos on Youtube, and read your notification without troublesome reflections.

Cleaning Gel

Laptops and PC’s are very delicate and can get dirty quickly. The only thing you can do to clean your work instrument without damaging them is using professional tools, like ColorCoral universal dust cleaning gel. This product is made of biodegradable materials and would not make your keyboard sticky. Plus, it won’t damage your hands. The advantage of this gel is that you don’t need a cloth to use it: all you have to do is to knead the product into a ball and gently press it and roll it on the surface you want to clean.


If you read this post it means you have to start working from home soon. By following these tips and using these products, you will be able to set the most productive workspace ever! Good luck!