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By Education Team | 30 June 2021

Best MBA Programs around the World

best mba program

If you’re searching business schools, looking for an MBA program to enroll in, you’ll find that there are tons of options available to choose from. Finding one that will meet your needs and expectations will be difficult, though. It’s like looking for a small needle in a giant haystack. Here’s a guide to five of the best schools offering some of the top MBA programs out there.

1 - Harvard Graduate School of Business

Harvard Business School has one of the top MBA programs out there. It runs two years and is a full-time residential program that offers a lot of hands-on activities, which puts the students to the decision-making test every day. Teams of students will also get their feet wet in real business circles by developing products for real business partners. A student will start off by learning all the fundamentals of business, and how to work with others on a global basis. Then they can branch out with some of the many electives offered to make their experience more customizable for their future goals.


INSEAD is a business school based out of Fontainbleu France but has campuses in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. They offer a one-year MBA program that cultivates and prepares some of the world’s best leaders, and successful entrepreneurs with an accelerated, but detailed study course. Taught by knowledgeable teachers, their program will navigate a student through the foundations of business, strengthen their skills and confidence, and give them the tools to apply everything they learned. Along with the curriculum, a student has access to many resources, such as group coaching, and peer feedback to help boost their leadership skills.

3 - Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Business School offers a two-year MBA program for students wanting to expand their business knowledge. Their curriculum is designed to challenge students to rethink their career goals and learn how to apply their knowledge to transform business as we know it today. Along with standard textbook course of study, students will meet with industry leaders, and gain insights from senior level alumni as they go head to head in challenges. What sets their program apart from all the other schools are the faculty members. Students learn valuable insights from industry experts, who have been through the same journeys using the same paths their pupils want to take for their chosen careers.

4 - HEC Paris

HEC Paris has one of the best MBA programs for CEOs of global fortune 500 companies. With students from all over the world, their curriculum gives them the opportunity to learn to strategize and solve problems with a multicultural edge. HEC limits their student number to 250, so more customizing can be done for each study lesson. One of the more popular activities this school offers is their unique leadership challenges, where students can learn how to work as a team and to utilize strengths to accomplish a goal. This school boasts a 90% success rate of students becoming employed within three months of their graduation.

5 - London Business School

The London School of Business is considered to be the number one business school in the world, offering one of the best MBA programs out there. It also has one of the most diversifying programs available for pursuing an MBA. Their curriculum caters to those just starting out in business, or those who want to get further in their career path. You choose to finish your program in 15, 18, or 21 months duration. Enrolling at this business school gives a student a customizable experience that prepares them for what’s essential for their chosen career path, which goes beyond the basics other schools teach. This program also offers a wide range of electives to pursue, internships for on-the-job training, as well as integrated project work. Graduating from the MBA program here gives you the opportunity to become a well-rounded leader in global circles as well as local ones.

These are the top five schools with MBA programs. Each one offers something unique in their training structure to boost your business success. All will provide the best training available to give you the skills, knowledge, and the confidence you need to be one of the best global leaders in any business field today.