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By Lifestyle Team | 11 May 2020

Dalgona - The Famous Coffee

DalgonaJennifer Gauld

The famous quarantine coffee which is all over the internet right now was named Dalgona by South Korean actor Jung Il-woo. It is a type of whipped coffee made from whipping equal amounts of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water. Dalgona coffee is the internet’s beloved beverage right now.

The trend of DIY drinks during quarantine started in South Korea when actor Jung Il-woo. He ordered the whipped coffee in Macau and shared his experience on a television show. He linked the taste of whipped coffee to that of Dalgona, a type of Korean Honeycomb Toffee. 

The hashtag #dalgonacoffeechallenge was trending in South Korea. People were using the hashtag to share the homemade beaten coffee recipe on their social media profiles. It is all over the internet for its creamy texture and aesthetically pleasing looks, which can make everyone drool for it. 

Another similar version of the Dalgona coffee is made in India, popularly called “phenti hui coffee,” which in English means the beaten coffee. The difference between the South Korean Dalgona coffee and Indian beaten coffee is that the latter is not topped on milk but instead mixed with hot milk.

Not for “Coffee” Lovers

If you are someone who enjoys bitterness of their excellent coffee and likes to brew it for some time to get all the flavors, this coffee may disappoint you a bit. People who want the hit they get after those coffee shots, prepared with ground coffee beans may not like the extreme sweetness of the Dalgona. People who like sweet beverages may find it more satisfying than regular coffee with no sugar.

 The Dalgona coffee is a rich, creamy, and sweet coffee with milk. It will not hit you like your usual morning coffee would do, but it will undoubtedly lift your mood, and the sweetness in it will keep you going for a long time without any food. It is a rage on the internet right now, and everyone is sharing different versions of the Dalgona on their social media. 

Dalgona coffee is a must-try if you like to try out new things, and you are going to like it. If not daily, but this beverage can be enjoyed when you get bored of taking the same drink daily. People who want to incorporate new things now or then in their diet can surely include this coffee as a pre-workout by replacing sugar with a healthy alternative.

Do it Yourself - Recipe of Classical Dalgona Coffee

Whether quarantined or not, you can enjoy this coffee at home at any time in any season. The recipe is a quick one and quicker if you have an electric beater at home. If you are under the hood and did not know how to make the Dalgona coffee, here is a quick recipe for the same.

It requires only four ingredients and can be served hot or cold, depending on your preference. The sugar reduces the bitterness in your coffee, and milk gives it a creamy taste. 

To make Dalgona coffee, you will need instant coffee powder of any brand you like. Sugar or brown sugar any sugar would do. Hot water, fork, or electric beater are just fine. In a mug or bowl, take equal amounts of instant coffee, sugar, and warm water. With the help of a fork start beating the coffee in a circular motion, you can also use an electric beater for quick preparation.

The sugar will slowly change the texture and color of the mix once wholly dissolved. Beat till the mixture is light golden brown and sugar granules are no more visible in the mix. Now take milk, hot or cold as per your liking and top it up with the Dalgona mixture, give it a light swirl to mix coffee with the milk, and top it with some more Dalgona coffee. Sprinkle some cocoa powder on top for some added flavors, and your delicious Dalgona coffee is ready to be served.

Tips for the creamy texture of your DIY Dalgona Coffee - Always use equal amounts of all ingredients. - Always use instant coffee powder instead of ground coffee beans for dense foamy texture - For a creamy texture, use hot milk instead of hot water when beating the coffee. - Use a hand beater instead of beating with a spoon or fork, it will save you some time and give a uniform creamy texture to your mix. - Use full-fat milk if you don’t worry about calories. The fat in milk will give extra creamy texture and taste to your Dalgona coffee. - Beat till the coffee loses its original brown color. Sometimes, the sugar is dissolved completely, but that is not the right foam you need for Dalgona coffee. - Beat till the mixture starts looking like a coffee frosting, and mixture can form peaks when pulled.

Other Variants of Dalgona Coffee that you might enjoy 

If you have already tried the Dalgona coffee and not impressed by the amount of caffeine or sugar used in it, you can try some equally tasty variants. They are quite healthy and have less caffeine compared to authentic Dalgona coffee.

Matcha Dalgona Coffee

This coffee is a healthy alternative to your original Dalgona coffee. It is made using the green Matcha powder instead of instant coffee. The Matcha is packed with antioxidants and is right for your health compared to instant coffee, which is high in caffeine. To make it healthier, use honey instead of sugar. The match Dalgona coffee is a sure shot try if you like to have matcha green tea or matcha latte. 

Mocha Dalgona Coffee

The Mocha Dalgona coffee is a very delicious, chocolaty recipe. It is a mix of hot chocolate and hot mocha. The coffee is made replacing with the hot chocolate powder or the Milo powder, which gives it a rich chocolate taste, which is liked by most of the people. The Mocha Dalgona is a good recipe for chocolate lovers or people who do not enjoy coffee much but want to give the recipe a try.

Strawberry Dalgona Coffee

It is more of strawberry milk than a coffee. The strawberry Dalgona milk is prepared whipping frozen strawberries with cream and mixed with milk. It tastes delicious and is full of antioxidants and vitamins. It tastes like strawberry shake and can be used as breakfast if you lack sometime in the morning for making breakfast.

The Keto Dalgona Coffee 

The keto Dalgona Coffee is prepared with keto milk and peanut butter is added for extra fat. Coconut oil can also be used for extra fat in the coffee. Keto Dalgona is a good replacement for the regular bulletproof coffee. The sugar can be replaced with any other healthier alternatives.

The Spice Dalgona Coffee

To give a spicy twist to your Dalgona, you can add ginger or cinnamon spice to your Dalgona coffee. The ginger and cinnamon are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and other healthy components. They have a distinct taste and can boost your immune system. To further make it healthier, the sugar can be replaced with honey. The combination of honey, ginger, and cinnamon is good for sore throat and cough issues. If you don’t like drinking immunity tea made with spices, you can surely try this recipe.

How to Store the Dalgona Coffee Foam?

If you have prepared too much of foam worry not, you can definitely refrigerate your Dalgona coffee foam for later use. The foam can be stored in an airtight container and can last for a few days. You can prepare your Dalgona mix in advance for later use in the early morning if you are working. Do not store it for longer as the foam will deflate and will not be tasty and creamy like before. 

What to serve the Dalgona Coffee with?

The coffee can be served with anything you like, or your guests would like. The Dalgona can be served hot or cold, depending upon your preference. The coffee can be served along with cookies, tea cakes, and some strawberries. Due to its sweet and creamy texture, it can be taken alone as well. As most people avoid sugar these days, it can be served with healthier snacks as well as oats cookies, peanut butter, etc.