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By Lifestyle Team | 13 July 2021

Top 5 SD Card Data Recovery Software

SD Card Lisa Fotios

1. Disk Drill
2. IObit
3. Piriform
4. RecoverIt
5. EaseUS


It’s a lot easier than you might imagine to lose your SD card data by accident. Common culprits include dust, power outages, hardware flaws, viruses and even human error.

Although you can try to reduce your data loss risk, it’s impossible to entirely eliminate it. If you suffer a devastating data loss, it’s important to act quickly. Stop all use of the problematic SD card right away, and download one of these top five SD card data recovery apps.

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1. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is an SD data recovery app with a high success rate. It supports all kinds of file systems and offers you a preview option that estimates the recovery probability for each lost file. This app is compatible with basically all versions of Windows and almost all SD card types and brands, including micro SD, SDHC, CF, Sandisk and Samsung SD. It can also read uncommon disk partition structures like HFS+, EXT, NTFS and of course, FAT32.

Although you have the best chances of data recovery if your files were deleted recently, Disk Drill also offers a Deep Scan option in case your data is a little harder to find. The free version of this program can recover as much as 500 megabytes of data. There is also a premium version if you need a higher level of professional data recovery services.

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2. IObit Undelete

IObit Undelete is one of the most user friendly SD data recovery apps available. Its best results come with newly-deleted files, and its Quick Scan option is the practically the fastest you can find. This program is completely free no matter how many megabytes of data you need to recover. This includes large files that other apps would usually make you pay to restore.

One of our favorite things about IObit is that you don’t need to install it to use it. Installing a new app can actually overwrite your lost data, which would be both tragic and ironic. IObit focuses on simplicity. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any advanced options. For most users though, the Quick Scan option is more than enough. This app is one of the most highly-rated recovery programs available.

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3. Piriform Recuva

If your problem is a little more complicated, Piriform Recuva has some of the most advanced options of any SD data recovery software. It has text and hexadecimal features so you can preview the raw data of your lost files and even edit any corrupted entries manually. This app has a free and a paid version, and it’s important to note that both of its versions offer unlimited data recovery.

The free version doesn’t come with any online support and hasn’t been updated since 2016, but it still has a pretty high success rate. The paid version does come with advanced tech support and the app updates itself automatically. Piriform’s premium version also allows you to back up your SD card on a virtual drive before it starts restoring your files. This helps to make sure you can undo any mistakes made during the recovery process.

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4. Recoverit

Recoverit has a streamlined, intuitive user interface that is great for beginners, but it also has a Deep Scan option that more advanced users will love. This is one of the most professional data recovery apps available, and it comes with a price tag. Although you can use it for free for a short trial period, once your time is up, you’ll have to buy the premium version.

If other recovery apps haven’t worked for you, Recoverit is more than just a pretty interface. It works quickly and has a high rate of file recovery. It also comes with advanced search features that can help you find a specific lost file among mountains of deleted data. Recoverit is a great option for business users who are happy to pay a small licensing fee in exchange for an advanced application that is quick and easy to use.

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5. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS’s Data Recovery Wizard is slightly slower at scanning your SD card than the other apps on this list, but it has great overall recovery results. It’s slower because it tries to use as little resources on your computer as possible, so you can continue to work in the background while it performs its scans. If you need to multitask in the middle of a data loss emergency, this might be the right app for you.

This program comes with a free version that allows you to recover up to 500 megabytes of data and a paid version if you need to go beyond that. It has a great search feature that lets you target your scan to a certain kind of file extension or a specific keyword.